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Tokyo Translation Team (TTT) aims to improve the translation industry as a whole with a much more efficient and thorough service than most provide.

In November 2010, two experienced professionals, Kiyomi Sumikura and Ryland Lee came together to form TTT. Initially, we worked in our respective fields of translation and education, but we became convinced that we would be able to deliver the highest level of service, at more reasonable prices, by joining our skills together. Since then, we have begun expanding our services to meet a wide range of client needs.


Kiyomi Sumikura is an experienced Japanese translator who has been working in the field for over 17 years and has dealt with various translation projects in such areas as literature, business and IT for both corporate bodies and individual clients.

  • NTT Communications websites for corporate clients, J→E, 2009 and ongoing
  • Company brochures, J→E, 2008 and ongoing
  • A panel display for a major Japanese company's policy posted in APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum), Thailand-based project, 2003
  • Romance novels published by HARLEQUIN, 1998-2000
  • 'History of Evolution' published by Kodansha, 1997
  • Dentsu Communication Institute, Inc., a major Japanese think tank, J→E, 1995-1996. Translated newsletters, public speeches, and comments regarding global issues for international conferences.

Ryland Lee is an American rewriter and proofreader of English with diverse experience.

  • English Instruction (8 years)
  • Public and university library staff, 5 years
  • Proofreader of business documents for various professionals, 5 years
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Japanese and International Studies at the University of Oregon, including linguistics and creative writing, 2005
  • An intensive year-long writing program and thesis in English and Japanese
  • Winner of University of Oregon Kidd Prize (Fiction story), 2005

Our other staff consist of a native English grammar checker, a Japanese proofreader and copywriter, as well as several native English proofreaders, including an expert in patents and other business documents. Our aim at TTT is to provide all of our clients with first-rate service. With this in mind, the members of TTT ensure the delivery of a throughly complete translation project by the date agreed upon. In addition, be assured that we check our work in at least eight different stages, aiming to provide a level of quality above that of most other translation companies.

We are also flexible and willing to meet the specific needs of our clients. As a small team we are able to handle all requests without the rigid and time-consuming policies and regulations of larger translation companies. Perhaps if we were organized as a corporate body, we could increase our profits somewhat, but we place greater importance on quality, and so, we carefully check each and every project we take on.


Problems with Translation Companies

Clients have had the following problems with other translation companies.

"Though I have seen the websites of many different translation companies, each one looks exactly the same and I don't know how to pick the best one for my specific needs."

"I would like to have my documents translated as cheaply as possible, but I doubt that the company I'm considering can provide me with excellent quality, because they said that it would be done by a single Japanese translator with little experience since they claimed they currently could not find an appropriate translator."

"I would like to know the gist of the original English manuscript, but I also want to be 100% certain that I can trust the content of the translation itself, because I might have to draw on the information for my work."

"In the past, I asked a major translation company to translate several Japanese texts into English. After it was delivered, I examined the contents of the translation and found that the documents had, in fact, been poorly translated."

"I found an incredibly cheap translation fee at one agency. But the fee presumed I only required the services of a single Japanese translator. If two translators were desired, then the fee would be much higher. Furthermore, if a native checker was also desired, then the fee would be increased further still. So, after all, I could not afford what I had thought would be a very reasonable fee for high-quality translation."

Why do such problems occur?

Once a translation company has accepted a particular project, they start to look for a translator who has registered with their company and is immediately available for the job.

Unfortunately, most of the staff cannot gauge the translator's ability very well. On top of that, some companies promise a cheap fee for a complete translation, but then, the quality is so low that the translation was actually a waste of the client's time. The company manager may actually say something to the extent that "one should not expect such a high standard because only a single Japanese translator did the job. There may be some English sentences which seem unnatural or awkward, or there may be several, small grammatical errors. But all such problems were difficult to avoid because the translator did not have much experience."

Another shocking example is that some companies inform possible clients that they can certainly deliver the highest quality work if their in-house native checker thoroughly checks the document, but then they must charge an extra fee on top of the standard fee to do so. This is often standard procedure.

At TTT, we wish to provide a different kind of service. The kind we would expect from today's top of the line businesses. A service you can count on to get the job done at the most reasonable rates.

We are ready to quickly meet your needs and solve any problems you may have. So just ask, and we'll provide you with worthwhile answers.


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