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Our Clients

Some of our clients may be in the following situations which we can assist with.

Client A: Owners of small and medium sized enterprises

"We want to expand our business overseas, but we cannot be very successful in such an endeavor due to the language barrier. " Is that true? No, thankfully, it is not. They should not worry about it. We can solve such problems and give such a client the golden opportunity to leap towards a bright future. Small and medium sized company owners might not know that there are a lot of overseas companies eager to adopt their technology and products. "But how can we connect with such overseas companies?" We recommend making an English version of their Japanese website. We have found that most English websites are only ornamental and do not actually reflect the original Japanese website. However, the English website we would provide you with would more appropriately reflect the original content and message. Please do not worry about how expensive our services would be.


Client B: Job hunters who are worried about their English abilities

"I'm interested in applying for a foreign-affiliated company, but I'm not confident enough to write an English cover letter..." You can leave such matters to us. Trust us to translate your current resume and write up a cover letter or CV specifically tailored to your needs. We are more than willing to meet any specific requests to ensure your application is successful.


Client C: import agents and traders using mail order or orders via the internet

"Although we know that internet shopping is a lucrative market as customers can get foreign commodities much cheaper than ones in the domestic market, it is quite regrettable that we do not have a Japanese instruction manual."

You can rest easy if you ask us to translate the English manual for you.

We will provide a clear, easy-to-read Japanese manual for your customers, which will surely satisfy them.


Client D: owners of cultural centers and sports clubs

"We have a lot of foreigners who are club members. We want to provide them with English brochures and application forms. But we do not know where we can obtain help with this."

You can trust us to complete such a task for you. We have been handling a number of such projects for a long time. We are more than capable of providing you with such brochures and forms according to your needs.


Client E: Japanese pub owners who would like to provide English menus to their customers

Quite a lot of foreign residents in Japan have said that they are rather disappointed that there are no English menus in Japanese bars, pubs, coffee shops and restaurants.

If English menus were available, they could enjoy a larger variety of food and drink served at such establishments. They would also feel more comfortable. We believe most foreigners feel this way. There are only a few pubs, cafes and restaurants which offer English menus to their foreign customers.

Let's take advantage of this opportunity and create a welcoming atmosphere to all customers by providing English menus. You will be able to attract not only foreign residents but also tourists visiting Japan.


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