Tokyo Translation Team


The Tokyo Translation Team (TTT) follows these steps in the Japanese-English translation process:

  1. The leading, native Japanese translator translates the entire text into English, in order to precisely reflect the original meaning and style of the Japanese text.
  2. The Japanese translator rewrites the first draft of her translation, aiming for more natural English and making the draft more readable.
  3. A native rewriter checks the draft, making further improvements.
  4. The Japanese translator thoroughly rechecks the draft to make sure the content and meaning of the English has not strayed too far from the original Japanese text.
  5. A grammar checker will check for any problems with punctuation and other grammatical points.
  6. The translator, rewriter/proofreader and grammar checker will check the translation work face-to-face to make sure there are no careless mistakes and to make sure nothing has been accidentally omitted.
  7. If needed, a copy writer will rewrite the document.
  8. All of the staff will confirm the quality of the final project.
  9. The Japanese translator will do a final check to confirm the thorough completion of the translation, and then the final project will be delivered.

There is no need to worry.

Trust TTT to provide you with top-notch translation.


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