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We aim for the highest quality in all our translation services and strive for the most affordable rates around.

If you find that our total estimated fee is higher than that offered by others, we are more than happy to reduce the total fee for our services.

English-Japanese translation starts from 5 yen per Japanese letter.
For example, ありがとう (thank you) would be counted as 5 letters, and so it would be calculated as ¥5 x 5 letters = ¥25.
Even if there are Japanese kanji characters, they would be calculated the same as hiragana and katakana.
For example, 宜しくお願い致します (I'm looking forward to doing business with you) would be counted as 10 letters, and so it would be calculated as ¥5 x 10 letters = ¥50.

Japanese-English translation starts from 25 yen per English word.

For example, "Thank you" would be counted as 2 words, and so it would be calculated as ¥25 x 2 words = ¥50."I am sorry" would be counted as three words, and so it would be calculated as ¥25 x 3 words = ¥75.

These rates are applicable to a basic A4 size document of 20 lines. Don't worry if you have a lengthy document. We take the length of the document into account when calculating our fees. Rates are reduced for longer documents in order to provide clients with the most reasonable rates possible.

Please ask for a free estimate and we will provide one right away.

Keep in mind that our translation fees may be negotiable, so please feel free to inquire today.


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